The Secret Unwritten Rules of Wedding Planners

  To be a Wedding Planner, there are obvious skills and traits you must possess in order to be a GOOD Wedding Planner.  You must be detail-oriented, out-going, organized, and professional.  However, we also have a set of secret, unwritten rules that we all live by.  These rules are never taught; they are learned by years of […]

Wedding Planner or Wedding Nazi

  (Originally posted January 21, 2014 – but re-posting because it KEEPS HAPPENING!) I receive hundreds of questions from wedding planners throughout the year.  Some are just starting out, others are looking into becoming Blissfully Simple ™ Planners and other are well-seasoned veterans just looking for reassurance. Today I received a question that made me […]

Do I have to have a Certification in order to be a Successful Wedding Planner?

              The short answer is – NO. Long answer is that a certification is usually the final step in an educational component.  Education, in whatever form, is always good!  You can never learn too much because this field is always changing and innovating. With that being said, certification courses […]

The Greatest Sales Book EVER Written

            Today is Valentine’s Day which means couples all around the world will be getting engaged.  That is like Christmas to wedding professionals.  They are coming….. Today is also my daughter’s 7th birthday.  So, when I was asked to go to her class, have lunch with her and be the […]

How to Deal with the 3 Most Common Objections to Hiring a Wedding Planner

              I don’t care who you are, or how many years you have been in the business; no one likes to hear the words “NO.”  Especially, when it feels like a personal attack against your skills and talent. I can say that you need to get more comfortable with […]

Time Management Tricks for Mompreneurs

          I am an event planner, author, speaker and coach; AND I am the mother to 10 children age 3 to 17 years old. Eight of them are in school and two of them (the 3 & 4 year old’s) are still home with me. While I do have a studio, […]

The Secrets to Booking More Brides

As much as we love what we do, we are all in business to make money.  For some, it might just be a nice extra income to help pay for vacations; for others, it could be the way they are putting food on the table.  Whichever it is for you, booking more Brides is the […]

Why Now is the Best Time to Become a Wedding Planner

                  The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the event/wedding industry will grow 33% from 2012 to 2022. This is 3 times the average growth! So why the massive increase? There are several factors to be considered: The Economy. Yes, we are starting to rebound, which is […]

The 2 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make at a Bridal Show

              Ringing in the New Year means it’s Bridal show season! Some love them, others hate them; but for most planners they are a necessity.   Most exhibitors preparing for a Bridal Show worry about their colors, the booth decor, and what give-a ways to purchase. All of those […]

3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Business

              Starting a business is full of excitement.  You are the boss, get to make all the decisions and take all the risks.  Of course, there are a few not-so-fun things about owning a business: like being the boss, making all the decisions and taking all the risks.  Just […]